iPhone shenanigans
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So, I jailbroke my phone using blackra1n back in December. Then my screen shattered due to a drop in February. I had heard that Apple occasionally replaced glass under warranty, so I restored the phone in hopes that I could take it back to an Apple store and beg a genius into comping me a new screen. No dice there, but no huge surprise. Only now, I’m stuck with a broken screen and an unbroken 3.1.3 OS. Boo.

So after a quick trip to Jet City devices in Chicago and about $100 later, I’ve at least got a new screen. Regrettably, I read, there is no jailbreak for 3.1.3 firmware and it doesn’t sound like one is coming for a while.

So  you can imagine my delight when I read about the new Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad, and iPods running 3.1.3 and up. I downloaded it, worked through the windows compatibility mode BS and got the phone re-jailbroke. Yay! Luckily before restoring back the last time, I had used APT-Restore to make a back-up list of all my JB apps. And used that to get them all back.

Everything was fine until yesterday when I noticed touch on the phone was freezing constantly across all apps, springboard, you name it.  Resets didn’t fix it, Hard resets didn’t fix it, nothing. I haven’t heard any complaints like this related to Spirit’s JB, and I wasn’t running any real memory intensive things. I don’t even use backgrounder by default. No Winterboard themes or anything like that.

So, now, I’m restoring the phone again back again to factory mode to see if the freezing is still there. At least then I’ll know if it more serious or not.

Perhaps if everything is OK on factory restore, I’ll jailbreak a third time and use the phone for a while without restoring any JB apps to see if that’s the problem. Then I’ll know for sure what the root cause. Narrowing down which app will be harder and more time consuming.

I guess freedom ain’t free – at least when it comes to time spent, eh?