Don’t bother removing the polish from a turd.
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I didn’t watch the Glenn Beck thing or listen to any of the clips, but I am gathering from reactions here that he made it all about sermonizing and that it was basically a church revival without the church.

What appalls me about Beck is his shamelessness. On his TV show he looks directly into the cameras and says incendiary shit like “why aren’t you rioting in the streets!?!?! … we are losing our republic!!!” and worse and then goes to DC and talk about restoring honor and acting like he has moral high ground.

Nobody around here has any reason to defend their honor against this guy or even the most reasonable and legitimate idea he could possibly muster steal. He is only attempting to sanitize his angry, rabble rousing, m.o. with religious and moral overtones. It’s the oldest trick in the book, only he’s not even a clergymen or an elected official. He’s just a talk show host. 

I don’t want to give him another moment of attention or waste anymore or yours.