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I lost my cool in my twitter stream yesterday and I’m reasonably sure that it cost me some followers I care about. What I lost my cool over was seeing another friend post this:

“When people say, “Never forget,” what they usually mean is, “Never stop being afraid and hating Muslims.”

Now, neither he nor I are part of, or have a social media following of racist bigots in the “teabagging right.” However, numerous people in the favstar group and on its fringes were posting about how they’d “never forget” (myself included). I know yesterday over here on tumblr, bunches of you shared your stories and remembrances.

So why say something like this, I wondered. It seemed like a very nasty generalization at best, and an incendiary political straw man at worst. I doubted that he was posting for the benefit of the ”Terry Jones / anti-Mosque” crowd on his twitter. I got the feeling he was talking about them and lumping anyone who follows him and expressed their remembrance of the day, in with them. Like an unfair accusation of racism or discrimination.

So I DM’d him: “Hey, you don’t *really* mean that, do you?” (Maybe I should’ve asked if he really meant it, *in general.*) Regardless, he didn’t answer me. He tumblred an open answer defending the idea and smugly asserted that the “never forget” crowd was childish and not being grown-up for not moving on. Wow.

So I sent him a public @ to remind him that some people want to “never forget” the victims, the first responders, the sheer heroism shown that day. Then I got a little snarky and said something like but don’t let me interrupt your sermonizing. (I found these posts self-important and condescending, especially since he couldn’t even answer me back but then got all preachy about my private question on his public tumblr. I should have said don’t let me interrupt your self-aggrandizing political straw man, but that wouldn’t fit)

Anyway, It cost me a bunch of followers. Maybe pointing this out will cost me more, Idk.  I don’t think a lot people who saw it understood where I was coming from or what I meant. Maybe they thought I was defending bigotry, I don’t know.

I truly don’t believe most people who say “never forget” are racist or anti-muslim -least of all on twitter and in the favstar crowd. I am painfully aware that all this stupid Terry Jones and anti-Mosque shit is happening but it’s a vocal, media-whoring minoritynot your social media pals who were just trying to show some reverence on a day of national tragedy.

I’m sorry for posting this. I don’t like brodcasting butthurt, but wanted to say it because almost 24 hours later, it’s still really bothering me.